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Jan 28, 2013 12:30am EST
that we had a conservative government after the next election, they will have their say and referendum on europe, but if we do not have a conservative government, we will not have a referendum? >> my honorable friend makes a good point. i believe is right to resettle our relationship with europe to make it more open, more competitive and more flexible, to make us feel more comfortable inside the union, and then to give the british people the referendum they deserve. >> can the prime minister confirm that 3.4 million families with someone who is disabled will be worse off as a result of his benefit uprating cap? why is he making more difficult for these families? >> first, i would say to the honorable lady that disability living allowance is not included in the cap. disability living allowance is not related to people's income. it is actually related to people's needs. if we look as a whole at what we're doing with disability living allowance and the personal independents payment, we see that the overall amount of money we're spending on disability is going to go up and knock
Jan 27, 2013 9:30pm EST
friend he was in that referendum was very much part of his manifesto of the last election. [shouting] >> in the interest of harmony i think we'll leave that to one side. >> mr. speaker, a constituent of mine with a chronic medical condition tells me that he is just 20 pounds a week to spend on food and clothing after paying his utility bills, and after april after the welfare cuts in april, he will just have to pounds a day. if the prime minister police we're all in it together, with the agreed to review the impact on the very poorest of the welfare cuts so that my constituents sacrifices are in line with his own? >> i will look very close to what the honorable gentleman says and the circumstances. let me just make the point, if you compare 2013 with 2010 in terms of the level of key benefits, it is worth making this point. and unemployed person on jobseeker's allowance is getting 325 pounds more this year than in 2010. a couple jobseeker's allowance, 500 pounds more. a single out of work mother, 420 pounds more to do with the opposition try and do, week after week, is somehow paint
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2